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The significance of amber in Eastern civilization

Cultural features

In the East, amber is highly valued for many reasons.
Some of them are:

History and religious significance
Amber has been known in the East since ancient times and has been used in various spheres of life, in rituals, and ceremonies.


Its texture, transparency, and light-reflecting properties make it a beautiful precious material for creating jewelry and other objects.


Healing and protective properties
Amber has been used in medicine to treat various illnesses. It is also believed to protect individuals from negative energies and evil forces.


Amber trade
It has contributed to the development of cultural and economic exchange among Eastern countries.


Sacred amber rosary beads

Prayer beads are found in various cultures around the world. They have religious and spiritual significance and are used in a variety of practices. For example, Muslims may pray by turning the beads in their hands and recounting prayers. In some cultures and traditions, amber rosaries are considered amulets with protective properties. They may be worn as talismans to promote well-being and protect against negative energies.

Amber is the tears of Allah

Some versions of the legend of amber say that they are tears that fell to the ground and hardened, giving them a peculiar shape. These legends are part of local myths and mystical ideas of eastern countries about nature.

Art and sculpture

In the Orient, including various countries in Asia and the Middle East, amber is used to create a variety of sculptures and statues depicting both religious and secular subjects. These works of art can adorn temples, palaces and private collections. They may have a spiritual or decorative purpose.


Also a highly prized art in the East is amber carving. Craftsmen create amazingly detailed carvings including jewelry, souvenirs and sculptures. This gives the items a unique and precious look.

Legends, myths, and stories about amber

from Eastern countries

The value of amber in Turkey

The value of amber in Turkey

In Turkish mythology:


– It is believed that an amber pendant can bring luck to its owner and protect them from negative energies. An amber necklace in Turkish culture is considered a symbol of love and devotion. It can strengthen romantic relationships and attract happiness into one’s life.


– It is said that amber was originally a velvety material that hardened and turned into a stone.


– According to one Turkish story, there was an amber mirror in ancient times that could reflect the past and the future.

Amber is a stone that helps to dispel negative energy and attract positivity and light” – Patanjali.

The Symbol of Light and Hope

The Symbol of Light and Hope

In Iran, amber is known as ‘كهرمان’ (kahrabaan) and is considered a sacred stone believed to have been created from the tears of Feridun, a legendary hero and king of Persia. According to the legend, after Feridun liberated Iran from tyrants, his eyes filled with tears, which transformed into stones that became amber.


This legend is also intertwined with Persian poetry and culture. In poetry, amber is described as a symbol of light and hope. It brings warmth and light into our lives, and it is believed to hold the energy of the sun.

Amber is a stone that enhances intuition, reveals mysteries, and helps us find answers to the questions that trouble our souls.” – Iranian sage.

Amber Blood

Amber Blood

In Afghanistan, amber is called “yashm” and is associated with a legend that it is a stone created from drops of blood shed during battles. According to another version, amber was formed from tears shed by a mother for her slain son.


Amber is also linked to a Turkish legend of a God who sent a little boy to Earth in the form of lightning. The boy fell to the ground, and his body transformed into a tree while his blood became amber.

Amber is a stone that symbolizes strength and endurance. It can help overcome challenges and achieve success.” – Jayatirtha.

Luxury and Beauty of Amber

Luxury and Beauty of Amber

In the United Arab Emirates, there are numerous jewelry stores and bazaars where one can find a wide selection of amber jewelry in various colors and shapes.


Additionally, amber is used in the production of perfumes and cosmetics. It serves as an ingredient in many fragrances and creams used for skincare and hair care.


In classical Arabic poetry, amber was associated with luxury and beauty. It was used to describe the beauty of women, jewelry, and works of art.

“Amber is a stone that has the ability to infuse our lives with new energy and inspiration.” – Khalil Gibran.

Amber in Syrian Culture

Amber in Syrian Culture

Like in other Arab countries, amber holds special significance in Syria as a precious gemstone for creating jewelry and decorative items. It is also used in medicine as a natural remedy for treating ailments.


In Syria, there are myths and legends associated with amber, such as:


One myth states that it was created from sunlight and is used for protection against negative energies and attracting good fortune.
Another legend claims that amber is a symbol of longevity and health. It is worn to strengthen the body and protect against illnesses.

“Amber is a stone that enhances our capacity to love and be loved, and it helps us cultivate a profound sense of belonging and connection with others.” – Indian sage.

Amber in the East

These are just a few of the many legends and myths associated with amber in the East. Overall, amber held great significance in the culture of many countries and was connected to numerous stories and traditions. It carries spiritual, cultural, and economic value for many regions and continues to be used in various aspects of life to this day.