Production lines - Emelyanov Manufactory

Production lines

We create furniture and works of art, the likes of which do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Scale of Production

Emelyanov Manufactory is a Kaliningrad industrial enterprise, owning a production complex with a total area of about 8000 m².


To create unique things, unconventional technological solutions are required. In 2006-2008, the enterprise was almost completely rebuilt: the complex of several modern buildings is equipped with the latest technology, providing a full cycle of production, based on 28 original author’s techniques.


we are responsible for the product manufacturing processes

The order processing and assessment procedure takes no more than 7 days:


are documented by the manager


prepares drawings and mock-ups


visualizes 3D models with color and material options


are made in several options


after agreement on suitable terms of cooperation


1 – Wood Processing Workshop


The woodworking equipment is represented by the latest generation of machinery from leading European manufacturers. Among them are laser installations and CNC machines, opening up broad possibilities for implementing the most complex design ideas.


Combining modern wood processing technologies with traditional handwork techniques allows us to:


  • give the manufacturing process exceptional flexibility and customer orientation;
  • improve product quality;
  • ensure a long service life for the products.

Of course, the main assets of the woodworking workshops are the master woodworkers. When your product is being crafted by the hands of a top-class professional, you can be confident in the uniqueness and exclusivity of the result.

2 – Amber Processing Workshops


Working with amber involves technological operations primarily performed by hand. One of the main techniques used is inlaying. This is the decoration of wooden surfaces with patterns of amber – the result of many days of painstaking work by the mosaic artists at the “Emelyanov” company.

Another key method of working with the stone is called “Carpet Mosaic”.

It originates from a technique developed in 16th century Florence, Italy. Different pieces of amber, varying in color and transparency, are laid out according to a designed decorative composition template, each time making it new and unique. It’s impossible to replicate the shape, color, and texture of an amber piece that has been used once.



Modern technologies in synergy with colossal craft experience give maximum flexibility to the technological processes at the enterprise. We have broad opportunities for exceptional customer orientation and personalization of the produced products.

High Standards


– The best amber samples come from deposits to our production.

– Rare wood species allow us to achieve unique texture and shapes of products.

– Long-term cooperation with artists and art historians ensures a high artistic level of our products

– Our own design department and design studio work harmoniously according to the predetermined technologies and principles of the Manufactory.



The best samples of gemstone come to production, but far from every stone will be suitable for artistic works. Here, the individual work with each piece of amber, performed exclusively by hand and requiring high skill, comes to the fore.

Thanks to the combination of hand wood processing technologies, ancient techniques of laying amber mosaics, as well as innovative technologies, the Manufactory’s products are unique and have no world analogues. For example, our mosaic pictures have been exhibited all over the world.


Applied Technologies


Unconventional technological approaches are required to create unique items.


We stand out due to such features:


– Application of Carpet Mosaic® and a special technology of durable connection of wood and amber.

– Creation of amber stained glass windows.

– Mixing design styles and using complex shapes.

– Use of black amber in our work (which we create ourselves).

– And others.


Many techniques and working principles were passed on only ‘from father to son’. Using them, we continue to create products that are difficult to replicate.

We Transform Familiar Forms

Reconsidering classic design canons, we move away from traditional furniture materials and shapes. We’re inspired by myths and legends of different peoples, natural elements, fantasies about the future, and lessons from the past for new concepts.


Following the flow of artistic thought is even more painstaking work – making the product comfortable and functional while maintaining its individuality. The complex geometry of our products makes the interior filled, interesting, and colorful.

Imagined is Real

As such, the process of creating our products is predominantly manual labor. And despite the new technologies used in production, handwork is increasingly appreciated over time.


Each item from our manufactory has a piece of the masters’ soul who crafted it. Individual human energy adds value to these items.


Every product from “Emelyanov” Manufactory is produced for at least one and a half months. During this time, the masters manage to perfect every item, refining the smallest details. However, depending on the type of product, the order may be completed faster.

Manufacturing today


is about unique interior items and a multitude of clients around the world.

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