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Service and guarantees

We offer restoration and refurbishment services for the products made by us.

12-Month Warranty

During this period, the buyer has the right to free replacement and restoration of products’ parts and components that have manufacturing defects. Restoration works of this nature are carried out free of charge, provided that the buyer complies with the product usage guidelines.

Post-Warranty Service

We have confidence in the quality of our products, which, when used according to the guidelines, can serve you for many decades. However, circumstances may arise where the purchased item loses its initial appearance. In such cases, customers can always rely on our assistance. Our clients have the right to paid post-warranty service for the products purchased from us.

We perform all types of restoration work – ranging from simple polishing of the item to complete disassembly with replacement of components, crack elimination, and surface restoration. All the work is carried out on the premises of our manufactory.