Amber masterpiece. Panel Puma and Set Sakura. - Emelyanov Manufactory

Amber masterpiece. Panel Puma and Set Sakura.

The Yemelyanov manufactory, known worldwide for its wood and amber products, presented two new masterpieces – the Puma Amber Panel and the Sakura Set. Both masterpieces are unique and are a direct embodiment of the unique result of the interaction of modern technologies, impeccable materials and manual manufactory work. The set is the last, absolutely incredible, work of Alexander Emelyanov as an ideological inspirer, designer and constructor. The piece contains everything that the Manufacture is famous for: a unique style of non-classical luxury, natural motifs and plasticity of furniture that creates incredible comfort. Emelyanov Alexander Valentinovich, not only managed, but also supervised the entire cycle of production of products as an ideological inspirer for more than 20 years, since the founding of the Manufactory. The Sakura set was the last product that came out from under his pen and was brought to life under his strict guidance. The set will not be put up for sale, but will be moved to the Museum of the Manufactory, as a symbol of the personal style and unique vision of the founder of the Manufacture.