Personal exhibition of the leading artist of the Manufactory - Emelyanov Manufactory

Personal exhibition of the leading artist of the Manufactory

Artist, graphic artist, designer and illustrator Igor Isaev shows a new concept of artistic and technical language. The main focus of Igor Isaev’s workshop is creative and experimental activities aimed at creating works of art in various technical languages and formats. The creative works presented at the exhibition are intended both for an audience that understands art and is able to appreciate high-quality creativity, and for a wide audience. The original set of qualities offered by the works will help you slow down the accelerated time, poeticize the line of the drawing, test the quality of timelessness, get in touch with the present. For more than 11 years, Igor Isaev has been the leading artist of the Manufactory. Igor Vasilievich graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Aesthetics and Design, and, as an active member of the Union of Artists of Russia, has been closely cooperating with the Kaliningrad branch of the Art Fund of the RSFSR for almost 33 years. He has significant practical experience in technical aesthetics in automotive engineering, design and production of unique furniture and accessories inlaid with natural Baltic amber. The Institute of World Literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences included Igor Isaev in the register of outstanding illustrators, whose work is reflected in the academic fundamental history of Russian culture of the 20th century. Winner of the Dom Lucas International Scholarship (Germany). The artist’s works are in the collections of the Kaliningrad Art Gallery, the Gallery of the Guild of Artists (Ellingen, Germany), as well as in many private collections in the creation of which the Emelyanov Manufactory is involved.