Pop-up showroom «Inclus. Amber". Kaliningrad 2021 - Emelyanov Manufactory

Pop-up showroom «Inclus. Amber”. Kaliningrad 2021

On the territory of the Cathedral in Kaliningrad, the Exhibition of the leading manufacturers of the amber industry of the region “Inclus. Amber”. Such exhibition projects are important in the tourism sector, they help guests of the Kaliningrad region to get acquainted with one of the amazing creations of nature – Baltic amber, learn more about its origin, properties and application in modern production. The Yemelyanov manufactory presented limited edition items: watch boxes and jewelry inlaid with natural amber, unique clutches and bags made of precious wood with amber mosaic elements. Author’s design, handmade, rare woods and natural Baltic amber – such a quartet is unique as before, and has also been fixed as a hallmark of the Manufactory for more than 20 years. The exhibition project clearly outlined the vector of trends in the development of the industry and the highest level of skill of the presented manufacturers.